17.02.2022. One month into the new year, wood has turned into the cornerstone of future lifestyles. The ‘digital Neanderthal’ humans have as much of a tendency towards cool technology as they have a compelling desire for coziness, warm materials. In short: high-tech, high-touch – and wood is the natural choice.

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After what the world experienced over the past 20 months, our lives are shaped by connections. Connectivity, a basic human need since the beginning of time, has turned wireless, boosting our capacity to work, no longer in a room far from home, but often even from the comfort of our living room. To travel around the world, around the clock, all without a suitcase and still enjoying family dinners, albeit in small numbers.


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The new trend is, ‘real time’, i.e. knowledge made immediately available. Digital does it, i.e. the virtual reality where many of us spend a large slice of their time, to choose what to eat, watch, read or buy. All at our fingertips. Result: the home has become smart, with lighting control and video cameras for safety. But ‘smart’ also means that, the technology can remain hidden. The TV screen turns into an art piece, or a cozy fireplace. The ‘open sesame’ operating our home from a smartphone has never been more vocal. AI is all the rage. Remotes are a thing of the past.


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A forest is just what we need, when life is constantly running on a digital screen and physical separation seems to no longer exist. At INTERHOLCO, we are aware that the wood we produce is ‘our second forest’. This forest is in urban cities and communities all over the world. It is in housing, building structures, flooring, window-frames, furniture, terrasses, bridges and so much more.


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New ecology is equally appealing to private citizens as to, companies. The good news: wood is one of the very few building materials that is not a finite resource, providing it is responsibly harvested. Well managed forests keep being forests. ‘Sustainable Hardwood – Made in Africa’ is one of the best building materials we can think of. It is independently verified sustainable and is FSC® certified. It is fully renewable, recyclable, reusable. It has inherent strength for the need of static construction. And, it is elastic, as well as fire-resistant. Our products also serve as carbon sinks, over a long period of time. They can be repaired, disassembled and reassembled – even composted.



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The ever-crescent penchant for wood rules all. With its organic look, comforting familiar feel, enticing natural scent, it is coupled with positive, reassuring vibes. Upcycling is part of this: products are not thrown away, but re-used, which brings cost benefits. Wood in furniture and flooring is going through an upswing, from furniture to window frames.


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Wood is a stunner in the outdoor area, too: terraces, garden furniture, swimming pool coping… it can even withstand years with its "feet" in fresh or even saltwater thanks to its exceptional characteristics. The single biggest thing is to choose the right type of wood for the right purpose.


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Barefoot on a wooden floor, an old record playing, and a feeling of warmth pervades us, from our roots up.

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INTERHOLCO offers Sustainable Hardwood 'Made in Africa' as a responsible solution to promote better living conditions (construction with wood), reduce climate change, and increase social justice. As FSC-certified producer specialized in producing and trading logs, sawn timber, glued laminated scantlings and other products, INTERHOLCO manages the entire chain, from forest to customers since 1962. Harvesting wood selectively, INTERHOLCO protects 1.1 million hectares of natural forest from permanent conversion to agricultural land, giving 16’000 local inhabitants access to quality basic services and keeping the habitat of thousands of gorillas and elephants.

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