• Anchoring cities to forests

    Anchoring cities to forests

    15.03.2022. Urban forests can transform cities into healthier places to live, not ‘just’ thanks to trees, but also through wood products for furniture and construction.

  • The future grows with wood

    The future grows with wood

    17.02.2022. One month into the new year, wood has turned into the cornerstone of future lifestyles. The ‘digital Neanderthal’ humans have as much of a tendency towards cool technology as they have a compelling desire for coziness, warm materials. In short: high-tech, high-touch – and wood is the natural choice.

  • duo Inoda + Sveje may just have created the perfect seating collection in Wenge, produced by Japanese furniture manufacturer Karimoku


    04.03.2021. With long hours now spent sitting at home, relax and comfort are vital for balance. Especially as many of us seek to blend work and personal life together. The warm tones of Wenge(Millettia laurentii), a dark, marbled wood that INTERHOLCO harvests sustainably in the Republic of Congo, bring the forest home – rescuing our connection with nature.

  • Africa’s forest dwellers win Conversations about Climate Change competition

    Africa’s forest dwellers win Conversations about Climate Change competition

    15.02.2021. Gorillas, Bongos, Forest elephants and Chimpanzees team up with British architect Tom Wilson in ‘Forest dwellers’, one of the winners of the Conversations about Climate Change competition. Is it possible to sustainably harvest timber and natural products, contributing to ethical and sustainable economies, as well as safeguarding habitats, biodiversity and the health of the Earth? The four Forest Dwellers have been conceived to ask this very question.

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