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Interholco Sustainability Report 2022

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Interholco’s contribution to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)


Interholco pays fair, competitive wages to employees well above the standard entry level in the Republic of Congo, contributing to local development and growth.

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Interholco protects the natural tropical forest, its inhabitants and wildlife from irreversible impact, as demonstrated by the highest certification standards worldwide.

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In the Republic of Congo, Interholco provides access to food security to 18’000 forest inhabitants in more than 80 villages, including local communities and indigenous peoples.

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Interholco invests in equal opportunities for all, granting indigenous pupils access to education and meals. Computer courses and a collection of 9’000 books are available to all pupils in its library.

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Interholco guarantees access to health care, vaccines and HIV-treatment to its employees and their families in an ad-hoc medical centre.

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Interholco ensures that water use for its forest management activities is efficient, providing equitable access to clean, drinkable water to its employees, their families and communities.

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Interholco is an inclusive business, opening up career opportunities that go beyond ‘traditional’ roles and ensuring participation of local and indigenous peoples, men and women, in decision-making processes.

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Interholco works to improve access to modern energy services such as electricity for its employees, their families and communities in the Republic of Congo.

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Interholco improves connectivity and access to infrastructure for 18’000 forest inhabitants living in isolated rural areas.

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Interholco works with countries and a number of partners to boost local production, create employment and ensure market access to natural resources that are sustainably produced.

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Interholco provides cities worldwide with quality wood products that are natural, healthy and renewable, increasing urban resilience.

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Interholco only harvests 0.7 trees per hectare only once every 30 years, which considerably reduces greenhouse gas emissions and allows forest regeneration, with minimal impact on soil and water.

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Interholco’s forest management is careful not to pollute natural water in rivers, coastal areas and seas.

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Interholco invests in a sustainable business that creates job opportunities and fosters economic growth on the local level.

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Interholco does not only protect the tropical forest allowing it to regulate the climate, but produces durable wood that continues to stock carbon throughout its life as a product.

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Interholco knows that forest protection is also about involving the local and indigenous communities and that participatory approaches and giving people the means to take charge of their lives contributes to peace.

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Interholco participates in international fora and carries out joint projects, calling out to the international community to sustain the efforts of responsible private sector players.

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environmental Landscape Interholco

Safeguarding natural resources

We ensure that vital eco-systems are protected from irreversible change, for the planet and for future generations. We put under protection and conservation more than 300’000 forest hectares and the fauna and flora they harbour. Our eco-guards actively secure the forest against poaching and illegal settlement.

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social landscape interholco

Protecting people’s rights

In the Republic of Congo, we work with over 1’000 employees and sustain their families and communities, amounting to 18’000 people. We step up our work to safeguard their rights, their livelihood and their future.

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economic landscape interholco

Ensuring economic transparency

We produce ‘Made in Africa’ wood that is good for the planet and people. 87% of the wood procured is FSC certified, this includes 100% of the wood from the forest we manage. We invest more than 14 mill. EUR in wages and employee benefits, such as pension scheme and health insurance.

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regulatory landscape interholco

Delivering to global standards

We follow first and foremost all national laws and regulation in the Republic of Congo. In addition, we implement leading international social, ethical and environmental standards, such as the ILO, Biodiversity Convention and Climate conventions.

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