02.12.2020. During the long, dark, off-season winter months, the lighting of this iconic open-air swimming amenity, designed by White Arkitekter, turns African wood into a dramatic experience. Offered by INTERHOLCO with FSC® 100% certification, Azobé (Lophira alata) and Tali (Erythrophleum spp.) are as durable as they are water resistant, the ideal choice for projects in direct contact with sea water.

Azobe wood Lophira alata

Azobé belongs to genus Lophira with only one species, alata. It has many vernacular names: Akoga, Bonkolé, Bongossi, Eba, Ekki, Hendui, Kaku, red ironwood...

Its colour may vary, from dark brown tu purplish, chocolate brown and darkening even more when exposed to light. The wood has coarse grain, frequently interlocked, very pronounced and irregular.


Lophira alata botanical drawing


The wood has remarkably consistent and high physical and mechanical characteristics; having a green density of 1150-1250 kg/m3, its mechanical class is D70.

Azobé heartwood without treatment is highly resistant to termites, marine borers and acids. Owing to its nervosity, it is preferable to use it in thick, heavy structures.

Its uses cover permanent contact with ground or humidity: hydraulic works, railway sleepers, bridges, decking, vehicle or container flooring, stairs, heavy carpentry, frames, poles, stakes...


Kastrup DK Azobe Tali 5 copyright Ole Haupt


This iconic open-air sea bath in Kastrup, Denmark epitomizes the art of combining the four elements: earth, water, air, fire in a facility whose alchemy is a hymn to Azobé as grand shaman.

Emerging from the Baltic sea, Kastrup sea bath is a sculpture to walk on water, right in the heart of the city centre. Besides being functional, lights of different shades secure the safety of visitors.

Rather than a swimming pool, it is wood to live with, all day long – wood for each and every season. 





Kastrup DK Open air swimming pool Azobe Tali 2





Kastrup DK Azobe Tali 7 copyright Ole Haupt





Kastrup DK Azobe Tali 6 copyright Ole Haupt





Kastrup DK Azobe Tali 4 copyright Ole Haupt



To find out more:

Tropical Timber Atlas, p. 144 (Azobé) and p. 858 (Tali):

Tropix: Azobé and Tali


INTERHOLCO offers Sustainable Hardwood 'Made in Africa' as a responsible solution to promote better living conditions (construction with wood), reduce climate change, and increase social justice. As FSC-certified producer specialized in producing and trading logs, sawn timber, glued laminated scantlings and other products, INTERHOLCO manages the entire chain, from forest to customers since 1962. Harvesting wood selectively, INTERHOLCO protects 1.1 million hectares of natural forest from permanent conversion to agricultural land, giving 16’000 local inhabitants access to quality basic services and keeping the habitat of thousands of gorillas and elephants.
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