28.01.2021. Such is the essence of home: a place in which the well-being of bodies is encouraged, food and sleep are taken care of; caresses and laughter instigated; a place in which affection grows deeper. Such is the essence of Wengé (Millettia laurentii), a dark, marbled wood that walks you like no other in your stories of laughter and joy, stillness and meditation, sharing and giving.  



An intimate place to entertain

What is the throbbing heart of any home? The kitchen. Children will make it their favourite play area, adults a place to entertain. Here, in an imposing Beverly Hills home, Wenge wood panelling brings the warmth of the Californian sun at the table, giving the area an intimate character.


photo : © William McCallum for architect Whipple Russell, Benedict Canyon (California)


albertopavanello Wenge

The discreet charm of elegance

Welcome! Please get closer and sit comfortably down. Make yourself at home: Wenge won’t deceive you with thrills and trick endings or with the unforeseen. You will find it as familiar as it is comfortable. As one of those stories you have once heard and want to hear, again and again.


photo : © Alberto Pavanello



Simply barefoot

Your living space doubles as quiet nook, ideal to unwind into meditation and yoga. With its dark, warm chocolate tone, Wenge transforms your floor: start the day on the right foot in the morning, relax and let go of stress in the evening.


photo : © unsplash




Bathing in delight

Indulge in a hot tub, there is no better way to detox. How pampered you feel, as you are diving into soap bubbles, surrounded by your favourite scents and skin care products! A Wenge touch, and you can have the spa where you need it most: at home.


photo : © threesixty


 WengeMillettialaurentii WengeINTERHOLCO

Wenge (Millettia laurentii) has a yellow heartwood when freshly sawn but darkens on exposure to dark brown or black brown, with black streaks and is sharply demarcated from the pale yellow sapwood.

The tree can reach 1 m in diameter and attain 20 m height. The grain is straight, texture medium to coarse. The wood is heavy, with a density of 870 kg/m3 at 12% moisture content. The wood saws and works well, but force is required and saw teeth and cutting tools may blunt rapidly. The wood air dries slowly. The rates of shrinkage are rather high. Once dry, the wood is moderately stable in service. The gluing and varnishing properties are poor due to the presence of resin cells; it is difficult to polish and the use o a finishing way is recommended. The wood is hard and elastic, but with a tendency to split. The heartwood is very durable (durability class 2) being resistant to dry-wood borers and termite attacks. The heartwood is resistant to impregnation and preservatives.


Wenge is commonly used for furniture, heavy flooring, interior and exterior joinery; interior and exterior panelling, carving, turnery and sliced veneer.





In the Congo Basin, pirogues are often carved out of Wenge.


photo : © Julien Harneis / flickr



To find out more:

Tropical Timber Atlas, p. 924 (Wenge) :

Tropix: Wenge  


INTERHOLCO offers Sustainable Hardwood 'Made in Africa' as a responsible solution to promote better living conditions (construction with wood), reduce climate change, and increase social justice. As FSC-certified producer specialized in producing and trading logs, sawn timber, glued laminated scantlings and other products, INTERHOLCO manages the entire chain, from forest to customers since 1962. Harvesting wood selectively, INTERHOLCO protects 1.1 million hectares of natural forest from permanent conversion to agricultural land, giving 16’000 local inhabitants access to quality basic services and keeping the habitat of thousands of gorillas and elephants.
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