15.10.2020. To relate to a forest, is to relate to a country and its inhabitants. To the people, with their culture. Their dreams and aspirations, as much as their shortcomings and concerns. Relationships never stop being a work in progress. Dealing with a forest is no exception. We can become more intelligent and wiser, and over time, more fertile, if we work with others to reinvent the way of our future.

In 2020, INTERHOLCO has a word for it: ALLIANCE. It is a theme that runs right through in its Sustainability Report. With a rainbow, stretching over the forest it manages in the Republic of Congo.

Connecting opposites that do not necessarily attract, the rainbow is a bridge across troubled water: climate change, pollution, fires, disease and resource depletion. Ushering a culture of ALLIANCE, INTERHOLCO looks to its customers, suppliers, NGOs, researchers, governments, the financial sector, local communities, etc. INTERHOLCO recognises that, if each remains apart, things will not change. But together, we are strong and can yield creative results.

Cross-pollination, however unexpected, can ultimately be phenomenally successful, in terms of safeguarding natural forests and their wildlife. But also, in terms of social inclusion, with fewer disparities. Of suppliers conforming to standards and policies, leading markets to a more level playing field. All the way to green cities and a green economy, born of a material that is natural, healthy, renewable, sustainable, traceable and carbon positive: Sustainable Hardwood Made in Africa.

FAQ that are answered in INTERHOLCO’s Sustainability Report 2020:

 INTERHOLCO Alliance  

INTERHOLCO’s vision: why an ALLIANCE?

p. 8-9, 46-47

 INTERHOLCO Inclusion  

Striking an ALLIANCE: is everyone included?

p. 18-19, 22-37

 INTERHOLCO EmployeesINTERHOLCO Local communities  

Employees and their communities: improving their lives and taking ownership?

p. 48-88

 INTERHOLCO Indigenous peoples  

Indigenous peoples’ rights: respected?

p. 27-28, 65-71

 INTERHOLCO Medical centre  

Health in the heart of the forest: safeguarded?

p. 52-55

 INTERHOLCO Low Impact Harvest  

Critical voices and INTERHOLCO: what about forests?

p. 83-84

Collaboration with social NGOs: progressive?

p. 31, 67-71

 INTERHOLCO Forest protection  

Intact forests in Congo: protected and maintained?

p. 30, 73-74

 INTERHOLCO FSC-certified forest  

FSC®-certified forests in Congo, zero deforestation: what is this in reality?

p. 80-88

 INTERHOLCO Biodiversity conservation  

Biodiversity conservation: national parks and FSC-certified forests, two birds of a feather?

p. 75

 INTERHOLCO Save the planet and the climate  

INTERHOLCO’s wood products, carbon positive: how is this possible?

p. 79

 INTERHOLCO Ticks all the boxes  

Innovative wood products: how does INTERHOLCO make better use of what nature provides?

p. 41-44

 INTERHOLCO high standards  

External wood suppliers: how does INTERHOLCO’s specific due diligence ensure legality and sustainability – from day one?

p. 43, 45

 INTERHOLCO Sustainability talks  

ESG, GRI and UN SDGs: alphabet soup or part of INTERHOLCO’s business DNA?

p. 6, 41-42, 108, 116, 118


Somewhere over the rainbow lies a forest of solutions!


Discover INTERHOLCO’s Sustainability Report 2020 in French, first:

The English translation will be online, at the beginning of December 2020.


INTERHOLCO offers Sustainable Hardwood 'Made in Africa' as a responsible solution to promote better living conditions (construction with wood), reduce climate change, and increase social justice. As FSC-certified producer specialized in producing and trading logs, sawn timber, glued laminated scantlings and other products, INTERHOLCO manages the entire chain, from forest to customers since 1962. Harvesting wood selectively, INTERHOLCO protects 1.1 million hectares of natural forest from permanent conversion to agricultural land, giving 16’000 local inhabitants access to quality basic services and keeping the habitat of thousands of gorillas and elephants.
Communications contact INTERHOLCO
Tullia Baldassarri Höger von Högersthal
INTERHOLCO AG, Schutzengelstr. 36, 6340 Baar, Switzerland
Tel.: +41 (0)41 767 03 82
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