19.06.2019. Anyone who has ever visited Cologne Zoo knows them: the western lowland gorillas, the highlight of every zoo visit. But not everyone knows where these imposing and peaceful animals live. Most occur in the impenetrable forests located in the North of the Republic of Congo. In his film ‘Congo: Protecting the Gorillas’ forest,’ filmmaker Thomas Weidenbach shows how forestry and species conservation can go hand in hand and how little the situation in the heart of Africa has to do with our ideas in Europe.
A preview of the film was screened on 18 June 2019 at Cologne Zoo. Zoo director, Professor Theo Pagel, described his impressions of the gorillas in the Republic of Congo, because he accompanied the filmmaker and his crew during the filming.
INTERHOLCO Protecting the gorilla forest in Congo
After the film, Professor Theo Pagel, film author Thomas Weidenbach, timber company Interholco CEO Ulrich Grauert and Lars Hoffmann of FSC® Germany discussed the responsibility of the timber industry and the role of consumers in the protection of gorillas. The debate was moderated by Sarah Zierul.
You can watch a 6-minute extract of ‘Congo: Protecting the Gorillas’ forest’ online, on Das Erste web site: (available in German). Part of ‘Natural paradise with a future’, a series comprising 4 episodes, each showing a different natural wonder, the film was broadcast on ARTE tv channel on 24 June 2019 at 18h35 in German and 18h55 in French.


Since 1962, INTERHOLCO is serving an international clientele with high-quality hardwood – Made in Africa.

With annual sales of about EUR 65 Mio., the Swiss-based INTERHOLCO is one of the leading international suppliers of sustainable hardwood, from sourcing and processing to high quality hardwood products: logs, lumber, laminated scantlings and more. In addition to three processing sawmills, large kiln facilities, a lamination and planing mill, INTERHOLCO manages an FSC-certified 1.1 million ha forest concession in the Republic of Congo (Brazzaville), employing a diverse dedicated global workforce of about 1’000 people. INTERHOLCO serves over 50 countries world-wide, from importers to industrial end-users.

INTERHOLCO is committed to making sustainably harvested timber from Africa the norm, as a renewable material that improves people’s livelihoods in the region and protects the forest and its precious wildlife. INTERHOLCO supports the Fair&Precious initiative in its goal to increase market recognition of sustainable hardwood from Africa based on technical, environmental and sustainability considerations.

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