• INTERHOLCO Protecting the gorilla forest in the Republic of Congo

    Protecting the gorilla forest in the Republic of Congo

    19.06.2019. Anyone who has ever visited Cologne Zoo knows them: the western lowland gorillas, the highlight of every zoo visit. But not everyone knows where these imposing and peaceful animals live. Most occur in the impenetrable forests located in the North of the Republic of Congo. In his film ‘Congo: Protecting the Gorillas’ forest,’ filmmaker Thomas Weidenbach shows how forestry and species conservation can go hand in hand and how little the situation in the heart of Africa has to do with our ideas in Europe.
  • World Gorilla Day IFO INTERHOLCO

    Gorilla-human cohabitation is key on World Gorilla Day

    24.09.2018. On 24th September the world celebrates World Gorilla Day. Next time you take one of INTERHOLCO’s wood products, look at it as the result of careful selection and sustainable practices that are key in protecting gorilla in the wild, a glorious species with whom we share 98% of our DNA.

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